As I listen to all the chatter my heart feels battered.
Black, white, what does it matter.
BLACK LIVES MATTER, not that others don’t, entertain you today… I won’t.
Today we are talking about BLACK LIVES.
BLACK LIVES that are unjustifiably feared thus hunted and ultimately terminated
BLACK LIVES that are poisoned and desecrated
BLACK LIVES that are unprotected by the judicial system
BLACK LIVES that are presumed guilty until proven innocent
BLACK LIVES that receive heavy prison terms for the same crime by any other color life
BLACK LIVES that suffer disproportionately false imprisonment
BLACK LIVES that are snuffed out in the street without a judge or jury
BLACK LIVES that don’t receive equal pay when equally qualified
BLACK LIVES that shift their behavior to make corporate America comfortable
BLACK LIVES that experience displacement through gentrification
BLACK LIVES that are suffering from the antiquated laws in place since slavery, the same laws that were created and meant to keep BLACK LIVES oppressed
BLACK LIVES the media portrays negatively
BLACK LIVES MATTER, not that others don’t, entertain you today… I won’t.

I will not apologize for my blackness or for stating clearly and loudly BLACK LIVES MATTER.  When all lives suffer and continue to suffer at the same degree as BLACK LIVES then we can say ALL LIVES MATTER.  One of my favorite bloggers said. “If all lives truly mattered, we would not need a hashtag declaring, #BLACK LIVES MATTER.”


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