Happy Mother’s Day?

649121536The flood of mother’s day wishes is somewhat overwhelming.   It’s not that I am not thankful or appreciative that so many people are thinking of me.  Overwhelming because it’s been 34 years since my mother passed.  Her absence continues to gnaw at my core with so much pain, it’s as if she left me yesterday. Historically today was the day I went above and beyond to reconfirm what I displayed all year.  My love for my mother. It hurts so much that I can no longer display my love and see her face light up with delight.

I don’t break down and drown in my tears on days like today simply because I practice the art of burying painful experiences deep in the pit of my heart and soul. I am not wholeheartedly convinced this is a skill to boast about, however, the skill keeps me on days like today.  This practice does not always work, thus far I’ve persevered!

For anyone who suffers along with me, know that Mother’s Day is only once a year. Be thankful that others think of you and wish you well.  Although your mother is no longer here, cherish the memories and the good times you shared.  If you’re a mother such as I, allow your children to celebrate you.  Don’t give in to your sadness by letting it overshadow this special day.  This day is meant to celebrate all mothers, mothers present, and those mothers that have left us.  Cherish the day and be happy, as happy as you possibly can.  If you need to shed a tear so be it.

Yes, it is happy. 


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