56 years… Reflection

201909288601886265638005343Oh, how I love September it’s my birthday month.  Before September departs I want to reflect.  I cannot believe how fast time has moved.  It is hard to fathom fifty-six years have passed.  It seems like just yesterday I was cutting up in school dreaming about my future.

Today, on this last day of September I reflect on my life and appreciate the wonderful journey I am on. I was raised by wonderful parents.  Although my parents did not stay married my life was rich.  I wanted for nothing.  My parents were able to love and take care of me in separate households.  They did it with so much class and respect for one another.  I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. My mother passed when I was a young twenty-two year old. My father was remarried with three children and living in Virginia.   I married my high school sweetheart. Before our divorce, we had two beautiful children.   I have a career that I built from the bottom-up.  That’s the way careers were made in the good old days.  I started in the logistics industry as a Gal Friday.  A Gal Friday does whatever is needed in the office.  I learned fast and moved up quickly ultimately rising to Vice President of Operations for a Logistics Company.  I earned a six-figure salary which afforded me to travel extensively further building my desire to see the world.  

Please know what goes up will eventually come down.  In 2008 the market crashed.   I lost my job.   The lifestyle I had come accustomed to slipped through my fingertips and my world changed drastically.  Instead of sulking in uncertainty I packed my bags and moved to South Florida to reinvent me. I had lived in NY forty-six years.  Forty years in Long Island and six years upstate in Ulster County.  Moving was a huge challenge.   I found myself in an unknown place.   This move forced me to learn more about myself and demanded  I push through.    

Since being in Florida I managed to reinvent myself as a successful sales executive.  I found love and lost love.  As I continue on this journey I trust love will find me again.  I’ll be ready for it. I know how blessed I am.  I give thanks to God for His grace and mercy. I am so very grateful.

When the going gets tough you have to get tough and press forward or this world will eat you alive.  I say all of this not to shine a light on me but to reflect and share a snippet of my life hoping that others are encouraged.  If I can persevere you can too.

Be encouraged!!

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