man-filling-air-into-tire-car-driver-checking-air-pressure-maintenance-his-car_34048-672I fell in love at a gas station.  Of all the places a gas station, I encountered a wonderful man.  He was attentive, pleasant, respectful, courteous, and helpful. He was everything that one looks for in a human being.  With all that’s going on in America concerning race issues, political mayhem, immigration unrest, mass killings, and killings in general of the disenfranchised people, America is undeniably not great right now.  I knew my encounter needed to be shared. 

In this not so great America, it was fantastic to fall in love the way I did.  I pulled into a gas station in Coral Springs, FL. As I proceeded to inflate my tire a young man, in his mid to late thirties, came towards me.  Not the creepy kind of man that you’re forced to be short with hoping he’d get the point, you are not interested. But the kind that was pleasant, refreshing, and a treat.

This man walked over to me politely insisted that he inflate my tires. He went on to say, “I can see you are dressed for work and you look beautiful, this could be a messy job. Let me check the pressure in all four tires and inflate for you.” We have the same car, he shared it’s best if inflated to PSI 38 I’d get a better ride.  He paused and said, “I see you have a nail in your rear left tire.”  He continued and suggested I get the tire fixed immediately instead of what I initially stated, which was, “I’ll fix it after work.”  This young man advised the nail is not on the edge they can fix it, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you need to buy a new tire because you don’t.  He convinced me to take a picture so I could show the repairman the location of the nail.   I thanked him for his help and for being so very kind.  The young man returned with, “I would want someone to help my mother, wife, or daughter just as I did. It’s my duty.”  

Please know I was in love.  No not the kind of love you’re thinking, but the kind of love that is desperately needed today. Love where two people of the opposite origins treat each other respectfully and as equals.  Love where a complete stranger did a gentlemanly thing and helped this woman with no ulterior motive other than being kind to his fellow human being. 

In my heart, I know most people are genuinely good and kind. The media floods us with soo much negativity we tend to lose faith in the human race.  It was a welcomed surprise to see a perfect stranger treat me as a loved family member. This man’s kindness warmed my heart and reinforced what I know. Love cures all. Love is the equalizer.  Reach out and love on a stranger today.

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