Wait For It!

download (3)I call this one, Wait For It.  I truly believe you have to wait for it. As hard as it is to wait, you must.  Your heart will thank you. “It” defines whatever you are passionate about and what your heart desires.   By no means am I suggesting in the waiting you simply just wait.  Absolutely not!   You must have a plan, set goals, and work the plan. Purposefully acknowledge and celebrate small achievements. Be thankful for the process, how you grow, where you are in the process, and ever so important stay focused.

Where the matter of love is concerned, in the waiting it’s time to work on yourself. Dig deep, be completely honest with yourself, and be certain you like the person who is looking back at you in the mirror. Check on your self-esteem make sure it is in place and not depleted.  In your waiting make yourself happy.  Of course, you’ll have good days and bad days but overall be happy and thankful for life. Happiness attracts happy people and happy love. Here is a true story about a woman who is a champion at waiting for it.

I know an English woman whom I met in an elevator shortly after relocating to Florida.  She is a bit of an introvert, kind, slightly shy, and was deficient in life experiences.  I am an assertive New Yorker, “Alpha Female”.   A match made in heaven.  We shared so many stories, experiences, and feelings.  The one common thread was finding love, a truly loving relationship. We dated different men, tried online dating, went out often, and we were open to new experiences.  All to no avail.

We often talked about the one true love we each had.  Hers was still in England.  Their families knew each other well, they met when they were twelve years old and they dated in their late teens.  When it was over her heart was broken. He broke her heart!   She and her family eventually moved to the United States and she began a new life while repairing her heart. Improving by working on her personal growth, challenging herself to carry on, and be happy.  In repairing her heart, she never forgot the love of her life.  She constantly talked about him. Reminisced the times they shared and desperately trying to force herself to understand why it never was. They did, however, remain friends.  She had gone back to England a few times to visit and he was always on the list of people to visit.  I’ve known her now for just about 10 years.  I can attest she never stopped loving him. She would race home for the phone call, ok maybe not race home but move with a sense of intention, she made sure she was present for the call.  Because of the time difference, it was important to schedule the calls.

Fast forward to June of 2019, they are now both in their fifties.  They remained in touch all of these years.  The love of her life made a pilgrimage if you will to the States.  The first time in his life, to visit the USA.  He had threatened to come prior but never made the trip, this time was different, he actually arrived.  As you can imagine she was ecstatic, overwhelmed with joy and full of emotion.  She drove me nuts, trying to make everything perfect. Actually, it was cute to watch her prepare for him.  Finally, he arrived.  Being in their presence you could feel the love connection and the genuine friendship that existed between them.  Remember, this English lady met him when she was 12.  In all of the waiting, she never gave up.  As it turned out, he made it clear he was here to finally claim his lady.   He shared with her that he always knew she was the one. He was just not ready until now. You see he had his own work to do.  My man is ready now and came with a pocket full of money.  He purchased the ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife.  Of course, she said yes! She never stopped loving him. That’s the thing about true love, it has a way of keeping you connected always and forever.

Wait for it!

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