Farewell 2018, Hello 2019


Ah! Another year is upon us. As I say farewell to 2018 and usher in 2019 I reflect on what a great year 2018 was and how thankful I am to have made it through.  I didn’t make a new year resolution last year and somehow I made it out of 2018 with elevation, successes, personal growth and many blessings.

If you scroll through any social media medium you will see resolution after resolution and a plethora of predictions for what 2019 will hold; greatness, wealth, fame, success, elevation, the best year ever, etc…  I’m not compelled to broadcast a new year resolution or make a resolution at all for that matter. Nor do I feel the need to predict what 2019 holds for me. 

There is work to be done every minute, day, week, month and year. Every day we live there is work to be done. Resolutions tend to focus on one or two things when in fact most of us have many areas that need improvement. Resolutions lead one to believe if they deliver on their resolution they are accomplished and the work is done. It’s not that simple for me. Some improvement areas are not realized on December 31 or January 1.  My dear friend says her year begins in September. I kind of feel the same way in as my internal new year is not in January. My new year feels more like the beginning of summer when the beach consumes me. There on the beach is where I rediscover myself, take inventory and determine what needs work.

I truly believe that God has me, meaning my life’s plan has been designed by God. Knowing my God loves me, is all mighty, and magnificent,  I know all will be well with me and mine. This is not to say that I don’t have to do my part, because I do.  Nor does it mean my journey through 2019 will be smooth and easy.  I am certain I will have experiences that will challenge me. It’s in those challenges where growth lies. A resolution constructed in its entirety on December 31, I believe limits you, actually diminishes the chance to improve.  Improvement and goal setting should be looked at every day.

Know, as long as we live on this earth each of us has and will continue to have room to improve.  Whether you are a person who lives for and by a new year resolution or more like me, I implore you to take self-inventory, remove what is not desired, increase what is desired, set short and long-term goals throughout the year, work towards reaching those goals and spread love always.  Here is where you will find; greatness, wealth, fame, success, elevation and the best year ever. 

 Happy New Year 

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