BBVEz89I had a car accident recently.   An accident I thought was not so bad.  I didn’t realize adrenaline was in control when I thought, not so bad.  Once the adrenaline rush wore off I experienced the full brunt of the accident and how the effects of two cars crashing together interrupted the natural flow of my mind, body, and soul.   The following morning I could feel every ache and pain. Somehow the neck, right shoulder, back, hip and buttock was frozen stiff.  Simple things as walking and lifting my arm became a chore riddled with pain.  Immediately I was reminded of how blessed I am to have this vehicle the human body to travel life in.

Life may not always be filled with rainbows with pots of gold at the end.  There are days when life is overwhelming and more than we care to deal with.   As you travel through life and gather a bit of age under your belt you can easily become a bit disenfranchised dealing with distractions such as political indifference, career setbacks or the lack of your earned advancement, family issues, disputes with friends, and broken hearts. Life can be tough, however, I realized none of the aforementioned really matters.  We can’t let the distractions get us down.  This recent experience has reminded me of how precious life is.  What matters most is that we are alive experiencing all the ups and downs of life which gives you an opportunity to leave your footprint.

Dig down deep, touch your heart, keep loving yourself, and those around you.   Love the life you live. Life is precious live a full life.  My footprint will be a loving heart. What will your footprint be?



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