download (2)Week after week as I determine what I’m going to write, there is never a doubt that I will write about love.  The doubt lies in deciding if I should share on a personal level, talk hypothetically or share what I’ve learned from talking to the masses.   Somehow in the hypothetical my personal shows up.

I often wonder does anyone love like I love.  I love on a level that terrifies me, on a level that makes me wonder about my loving ability, and how it came to be.  Have you ever loved someone so much that it actually hurt? Not the hurt you feel from a cut, a broken bone, or a headache per se, but the hurt that shakes you to your core.  That hurt that makes you question your entire existence. Where you can actually feel your heart squeezing the life out of you.  Wondering how on earth can you continue to go on if this love disappeared.  Do you love like that?

Is the way you love simply built into your DNA?  Or does the way you love directly correlate to the person you love?  I think the way you love is entirely built into your DNA consequently there is not much you can do about it unless of course, you don’t intend on being your true self.  As it turns out my thought process is correct. There is a love chemical called Oxytocin and women produce way more of it than men.  Which makes sense why women seem to fall in love usually before men.

Oxytocin breaks down emotional boundaries, making people feel comfortable and getting them to “drop their guard.” Oxytocin is what creates that sense of attachment we feel to another person when we’re falling in love.  When that person is not around, you’re not producing as much, so you want more. That’s why we can sometimes feel “addicted” to the person we’re dating. Dopamine, testosterone, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and phenylethylamine all work collectively to produce that feeling of love. Sexual pleasure and romantic attachment release the same bundle of chemicals. These chemicals make you give greater attention to their source while pushing you to seek out more of the same chemicals. Love works on the brain much like a drug.

We certainly can’t solely rely on just science now, can we?  Some of us are chemically imbalanced so we truly can’t believe, all of the science surrounding the love chemical is all we need to produce the love we desire.   We must know that attraction plays a tremendous role as does our own true nature meaning, we are attracted to who we are attracted to, constructed in our DNA.  Seems simple.  Anyway, from my street interviews it seems clear that the masses say you can’t find love, love will find you.

  Enjoy the ride!Love-400x260

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