Sunrise Fort Lauderdale Beach ChairWhat an interesting weekend, action-packed!   I love being spontaneously busy. The spontaneity helps keep my mind focused on creativity which allows me to let go of the trivial concerns that can block the creative process.

I talk about love all the time.  I write poetry focused on love.  I even created a podcast to share my thoughts and understand other peoples idea of love. I am constantly seeking the meaning of love. How we receive, give, and define love fascinates me and will continue to fascinate me until the end of time.  The fascination lies in how some people fall in love and stay in love forever and ever, while others struggle to maintain or secure the desired loving relationship.

We’ve heard a thousand times, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing day after day and expecting a different outcome. This weekend I challenged myself to do something different to express my thoughts and more importantly, hear other peoples thoughts about love.    I took to the streets of Fort Lauderdale Beach and walked up to random people asking them questions about love.  I wanted to hear how everyday people defined love.  I spoke to single men, single women, couples; married and unmarried, from the young to the old. I found a couple married for one day and another couple that had been married for 18 years.  My sampling included the likes of Black people, Spanish people, and Caucasian people from all walks of life.

The people of Fort Lauderdale Beach defined love a little different depending on who I spoke to.  There was, however, one common theme.  You can’t find love, love finds you.  It just happens. It seems the more you seek to find love the harder your search.  I guess all of us out there looking for love, true love, perhaps we should stop looking and allow love to find us.

Stay tuned for new episodes of my podcast, LOVE TALK FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Season 3 premieres September 30th,  street interviews will be featured.



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