Passing the Torch


A dear friend’s daughter is having a baby.  The baby shower was a few weeks ago.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a baby shower.  I was super excited.   Adding to my excitement, I had not seen my dear friend in over a year, I was going to Atlanta, and this is where another dear friend resides.  My mini trip became an action-packed weekend.

I’ve known the mother to be since she was a young girl, she couldn’t have been much more than seven years old when we met.  Her mother and I have been friends for over twenty years.  As you can imagine this celebration was pretty much like my daughter, the one I didn’t have, is having a baby.   I would not have missed this shower for anything in the world.

The shower was co-ed and packed with young black men and women, some married with children, some married with children on the way,  some recently married, some engaged to be married and some single.  These men and women moved around the room with a purpose.  The purpose was clear.  This group of young people displayed true friendship.  These friends were there to support the parents to be.  This genuine love was wonderful to witness.   All the beauty of love was present in the room.

What was evident as I sat and watched the youth.  I am so far removed from being classified as a youth or young adult.  I quickly learned that my friend and I were no longer in charge as we once were when in the presence of our children.  There was noting for us to do or organize.  The youth had everything under control.  It was their turn to be in charge  The torch had been passed.

There is truly a blessing in passing the torch.  The blessing lies in the fact that you have raised children who are functioning adults taking care of themselves, financially stable,  planning parties,  being responsible enough to make sure everything is thought out and successful.  The blessing is in,  you have raised loving children who can love you and others.

Don’t pass the torch begrudgingly pass it with pride and love.  Know as a parent you have to let go and let your babies fly.  Know that all you’ve poured into them will be enough for them to fly.  You will not always be in control or make the decisions for them.  They will make their own decision, right wrong or indifferent but their own decisions and they will challenge you if you interfere.  Again I say, pass the torch happily.  It’s time for you to sit back and relax. The young adults are in charge and there is plenty for them to do.   Watch them shine.




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