A few days ago I was furious and deep in my feelings.  I’m not so sure if those feelings have subsided or if I’ve learned to better manage my furiousness.  I cannot fathom how we the United States of America, the strongest most advanced country on the planet could possibly be in a situation that is so primitive and void of scruples.  This situation of once again separating children from their parents has reared its ugly head. Yes, America has done this before.  Not in the name of illegal immigration but far worse, the process of dehumanizing a specific people.

I don’t want this post to be political.  I want this post to be about love, yes LOVE!  Our children are the precious resources of this world.  My heart is torn apart as these children are treated in such a way.  Does zero tolerance mean remove humanity, empathy, compassion, and love?   How can you make decisions to separate these children? It is morally repugnant.

Not everyone who flees their county is doing it to escape their own illegal shortcomings.  Those that flee are not always murders, rapists, and criminals. Most are seeking asylum.  Yes, they may be causing a crime by entering illegally however if conditions force one to flee, conditions that jeopardize your life or the life of your children then flee you must. By all mean flee to save your children’s life.  Flee to a place where you may seek solace and safety for you and your children.   Just know that America has unequivocally proven this is not the place,  the land of the free, and the home of the brave is not the place to seek solace and safety.  Or maybe it is the place but a place for some and not others.

I am not a fan of lawbreaking or chaos.  I do believe immigration law is necessary and discernment should be used when enforcing the law.  All who seek to come to America should come the legal way.  If ever forced to flee and America is your choice for asylum and your best effort is to enter illegally and you are caught, you should be charged and processed.  If it is deemed the penalty is deportation then so be it.  In the process, your children should not be stripped from you and separated.

America we need more compassion and love!! 

Share love promote love speak love into existence.



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