LoveYourTermsLove on your own terms. What does that mean?  How can one love on their own terms in today’s society? There seem to be many rules on how to love and how to express that love. Everyone is a critic and judgemental. Does social media have an influence on our love relationships?  Of course, it does.  My opinion, keep your relationship private, it has no place on social media.

There are people in your life, nosy people that want to infiltrate your relationship.  They want to know what your man or your woman does for you. How they treat you.  What material things they buy for you?  Don’t allow the infiltration to occur.

What matters most is what your heart feels. If it feels good it’s for you. Love on your own terms simply means do that, LOVE, how you see fit.  Throw out the rulebook that was written by someone else.   Write your own rulebook.  There is no one right way to love.  If the two people are happy then it’s right for them. That’s a good relationship.

I had a conversation with a dear friend we talked about love and marriage.  Marriage works, people complicate it.  Marriage is a commitment made to each other by simply saying we will do this thing called life together.  Supporting each other on your own terms, not on some preconceived notion made up by another couple, some renowned doctor, or relationship professional.  Simply on your own terms.  If that means the two of you have separate bedrooms and come together when you choose, so be it.  If it works for you flow in it, relax and enjoy.   Don’t let the world dictate how your relationship should be.

By all means, love on your own terms.




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