images (3)What a glorious day! Today we pay homage to all the fathers in our lives.   I feel like fathers get the short end of the stick. Let’s vow not to let that be the case this year or the years to follow.

What defines your dad as a good father?  It cannot be just about the monetary things.  It has to be more than that.  It’s more about the connection the relationship between the child and the father.   Fathers teach their children in a way a mothers cannot no matter how skilled she is with her motherly functions. The fact is women cannot be men.  Children need their fathers present.

My parents divorced when I was five years old.   I cannot remember a time that my father was not present.  I, of course, knew nothing of the monetary contribution, however, my father contributed.  My parents did not always get along which I learned as an adult.  My mother kept the peace and whatever was unsettled between them stayed between them.   What I remember most was my Dad was visible and present.  I remember my father being active in my life on every level.

There was, however, a time that my father and I drifted apart.  I guess I was about 16 years old.  Not really sure what happened or how it happened what I do know is my mother was the component of pushing me to stay in touch with my father.  She prompted me to call him, talk to him,  and make peace.  I thank God she was mature and pushed me to redevelop my relationship instead of speaking negatively about my father or promoting the separation.

Women, those mothers raising their children without the fathers in the house,  I am speaking to single moms.  Don’t be the reason your child does not have a relationship with their father.  Just because you and he did not work out has nothing to do with the child.   Women, I implore you to speak positively about your children’s father.  Don’t use your children as pawns in a wicked game of control.  Always promote inclusion and love between your children and their father.

I feel privileged, privileged that my father is still here with me and that we are able to share precious moments and reminisce of the good times passed. My father is 81 years young. I am truly amazed by the conversations we have.  I love my father to pieces.  I want this writing to be a celebration of all fathers.

Happy Father’s Day to Earl Taylor my father and to all fathers!!


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