IMG_20180515_221919892_LLHave you ever created what you believed was a masterpiece? You were proud and could not wait to share.  Subsequently,  just as you are ready to share, it’s revealed there was a technical malfunction and what you wanted to present is not the masterpiece you envisioned. You are not alone.  I had what I believed was the best podcast ever.  It was my first solo podcast. The interview was flawless the author and I connected and the conversation was rich.  I downloaded the track began editing when it was revealed all I had was thirteen minutes of nothing, absolutely nothing.  My sixty-minute interview was gone.  I was devastated and then I thought when life throws you lemons make lemonade. Hence, this blog post was born.  Enjoy the lemonade.

I had an opportunity to interview Adia Kamaria, author of Yellow Tulips  & Red Buses. This book spoke to me from the very beginning.  The story opens up with a character named Gavin.  Most every woman knows a Gavin, has a Gavin, had a Gavin or will meet a Gavin before it is all said and done.  Gavin is the love of your life,  the man of your dreams, everything you want in a man except he will not commit.  He will bring you to the brink of a commitment only to burst your bubble leaving you heartbroken. You love Gavin and will ultimately give him chance after chance to break your heart until one day you declare you’ve taken all you can. This is Adia’s story along with with a job she didn’t have a passion for, a desire to continue her education, and a yearning for something new.  I present an excerpt from her book,  I realized I had shared all of my fears regrets and pain with Gavin in hopes that he would fix me.  I wanted him to save me, to love me so much that the misery I was carrying would disappear.  I had it all wrong.  That wasn’t Gavin’s responsibility.  I was the only one who could change that.

These heartbreaks, disappointments, and a lackluster job seemed to ultimately lead Adia to what I call her pilgrimage to England.  Goodbye for good Gavin, hello Middlesex University, Rashid, Adam, Nassir, David, and Ramadan. Everyone needs some kind of pilgrimage to find love.  The ultimate love is self-love. Read the book find the meaning of yellow tulips & red buses.

Enjoy the journey!





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