Relationships Matter !



How does one define a relationship?  It is very simply put; a connection between two or more people.  Relationships are common. We complicate the term. We have various relationships, work, church, friends, family, and we can’t forget the oh so special relationship with our significant other.  All of these relationships take time to cultivate.  The principles in each of these relationships are the same, different levels but the same principles nonetheless; respect, selflessness, consideration, commitment, and compassion.  Somehow when we look at these principles in the relationships with our significant other the relationship becomes unnecessarily complicated.  Many of us are failing to make the connection.

This week on  Love Talk for Everyday People we talked with Relationship Coach, Dani Spikes. Her take on relationships is enlightening.  Everyone wants a great healthy relationship with their friends and family.  With our significant other we want a phenomenal relationship.  The trick is getting there. We find ourselves running around in circles trying different tactics,  doing things outside of our character to make the relations better.  Sacrificing more than we should to obtain that perfect relationship.  We try to change the other person so that we can finally get to that phenomenal stage.

First,  I’ll let you in on a secret there is no perfect relationship.  Each and every relationship has its ups and downs.  The better cultivated the relationship the better your chances are of sustaining the relationship through the ups and downs. It is so easy to point the finger at the other person and blame them for the failure or the lack thereof a relationship.

The key to obtaining that great relationship starts with YOU.  Please know you do not have the power to change anyone. Your power is in changing yourself.  Making yourself the best you, you can be.  I know this sounds like a cliche, it’s not.    You should be working on yourself daily striving to make yourself better.  You ask what does this mean.  Start being honest with yourself and identify your insecurities and shortcomings. Seriously the most powerful relationship you will have is with yourself. Do the work and the relationship you desire will be yours. ♥ 


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