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The world is changing, evolving on a daily basis.  Whatever you did in the past has become obsolete or will be obsolete in the very near future. Possibly by the end of this blog post, something in your life will be no more and replaced by technology.

We do not relate to one another like we use to. Technology has infiltrated and taken over just about every aspect of our lives.  Activities such as food shopping, buying clothes, a house, a car and so much more have been transformed into an online experience.

Finding love is now an online experience.  It seems the old way of meeting women and men by chance has been replaced with the use of technology.  There are so many dating websites old and new with new sites popping up daily.  At any given moment there are hundreds and hundreds of men and women at your fingertips.  Access to a smorgasbord of options.

It really makes me wonder.  What are all of us singles looking for?  Are we all seeking the connection, that human connection we discarded for the connection to the latest technology?  With all of the dating online, it would imply that men and women are all looking for the same thing, LOVE!  Men and women alike are hungry for the human touch.  We all need love on some level. We all need that personal attention, affection and that someone who truly loves us in spite of all our quirts.

Online dating is a numbers game.  You have to chat and or meet quite a few to find that genuine diamond in the rough.  It is possible though.   While searching for love be smart.  Present yourself well and honestly.  Be sure to state clearly what you are looking for.  This will aid you in attracting the right mate for you. Look for signs and clues of inconsistencies.  Ask questions. Get to know your potential person of interest.  Actions speak louder than words. Follow your intuition and instinct.  If it does not feel right it probably is not right.  Don’t make excuses for bad behavior.

Our 10/8/17 episode of Love Talk podcast presents an example of online dating with a  twist.  A bit of crowd dating, if you will.   I realize dating is just that, dating.  When just dating,  if dating more than one person be upfront about it or at least have the wherewithal to not text all of your prospects in one correspondence where they are exposed to each other.

Happy searching!!



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  1. Is he really an exception? If people were really true to themselves and honest you’d probably hear from more guys like him.


    1. Yes he is. I speak to a lot of men. I do research for the show and for what I write. What I find in today’s society is there are so many options. Men are visual creatures. What they see is what they want. When there’s so many options some find it difficult to make that choice of being celibate or committed to one person or more like “Leon” who meets his potential wife in high school and they stay together, grow together and he decides to propose and get married. I don’t think it’s people not being true to themselves. I think people have a different truths based on life experiences, upbringing, family lives Etc….


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