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I am so excited!  Season two of  Love Talk for Everyday People is underway.  I’m looking forward to what season two will bring. The topic of love is endless and it excites!

Season one was great. We talked about self-love, and how important it is to love thyself in order to foster great relationships on all levels.  Without self-love, it is impossible to love anyone else or to tell someone what you require in a loving relationship.  I truly hope people are putting self-love into practice.

In today’s society, there are so many variations of love.  In talking to people I hope to shed light on all levels of love.  The great thing about love is,  you get to define love for yourself.  No one else has to agree or approve, as long as it’s what you want and makes you truly happy.  I think love fails because people try to fit the so-called, “traditional love” or someone else’s expectations of love into their life.  No two loves are the same, not ever!

This week we had the lovely, Felicia “Your Girl Fee” Martin, to chat with us, She is the CEO on the MIC to be exact. Your Girl Fee also co-hosts The Big Man Kelly Morning Show, on the Mayure Life radio app. She is a mother, know-it-all, author, panelist, friend, comedienne, and the Queen of the A-Ha Moment. Most notably, she is the creator/owner of “HEavesdrop”, an all-male relationship panel.

Your Girl Fee shared with Love Talk her take on what she’s learned from her male panel over the years. We discussed topics like;  sex on the first date good/bad or an immediate connection killer, side piece a born given right or just poor behavior, do men and women ultimately want the same thing, and can monogamy truly exist and how.


    1. Hey D! Thanks for the love. We are back at it. Season two. Check out our new episode. We will have you on later this season. Give you a change to express yourself. We love to hear what everyday people have to say about love and matters concerning love..


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