new-year-banner-with-fireworks_23-2149539970I cannot believe almost a full year has passed since I published a blog post. Here I am at the top of 2023 and thinking I should be writing more. Looking at my blog my thought process is on point. I have been so distracted lately. Distracted by the minutiae of everyday life, I’ve neglected the things that give me joy. This feeling of wanting to write has been present for a while and I have delayed making an adjustment.

That’s the thing about making adjustments. I believe that we know when we need to make adjustments in our lives but for whatever reason and we have many reasons, we delay making the change. Maybe the change needed is hard, painful, annoying or maybe the needed change is a self-challenge that we don’t believe we’re up to. No matter what the reason change is necessary. Change is necessary for growth. The change can be subtle or it can be a monumental earth-shattering change. Positive change is no doubt
a sign of growth.

Reading and researching most New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside by the end of January. We do not need a new year to make a resolution. A resolution is simply an act to resolve. Deciding that we will not do a certain thing or act a certain way or decide a certain person’s energy is no longer serving. If nothing else in January think about what you want to resolve and why then decide will your choice provide growth? When you have given it, some thought and have an action plan to stay committed then by all means state your resolution. It can start in February, March, or any other time of the year. That’s the thing it is your resolution. The important thing is to grow long-term. Resolve once and for all by sticking to whatever you have decided to resolve. I plan to write myself a letter as a dear friend suggested and then look back to see if I’ve carried out my resolution.

We delay change awaiting a new year for some reason. I think this delay is wrapped around fear running alongside procrastination. Yes, it is tradition to make a new year’s resolution. The tradition started over 4,000 years ago first recorded by the Babylonians. The new year was called Akitu and celebrated in March for twelve days at the beginning of planting for the spring.  Based on this there is no need to wait or to only resolve at the top of a new year. A resolution can take place when there is a need to resolve to change something or an action for growth.

Happy New Year

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