Typically, each year I dedicate the entire month to posting daily facts about famous black people who have left their mark on me or society by either a written word, an invention, an innovative idea, a civil rights movement, or maybe through a song. This year I wanted to do something different. I didn’t have a plan. I knew I wanted to close the month honoring something or someone I know personally. A few things came into place that provided hints of what I should do. I was not sure how to present.

Where was I going to find the perfect thing or person to honor? Today It came to me. We need to honor every day black people. Not only do famous black people need to be honored but every day black people pushing through no matter what, need to be honored. It’s an achievement for any black person in today’s America to survive, strive, succeed, and do well. There are so many forces pushing against us. The forces that are pushing against us are real and true. Some will have us believe it’s all in our head, just a figment of our imaginations. They do this simply because they don’t feel the push. I am here to tell you, it’s not your imagination. The forces we push through and fight daily are real. It is a reality dealing with systemic racism, prejudice, unfair/unequal housing practices, healthcare disparities, police brutality, inequality in corporate America. The list goes on…

I know this everyday black woman who lost her mother at the young age of twenty-two. She had to figure life out single-handedly. Her father lived in another state, was remarried, had two children, and one was on the way. Besides, this woman was grown. She couldn’t live with her daddy. This same woman marries one year after losing her mother. She had two boys and was divorced three years later. She raised her children alone. She continued to raise, teach, nurture, and bestow knowledge and wisdom upon her now-grown children. Grown with all of their own, and are successful young men. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. Society will have you believe single black women cannot raise successful young black men. This woman said yes she can and she did. There were struggles for sure. She managed to keep food on the table and made sure the most important bills were paid.

She advanced in her career which afforded her and her children a nice life. This woman was not afraid to pick up and go. She went where the opportunities were present all the while fighting those forces that pushed against her. The forces we spoke about earlier, the forces that were meant to keep her down or as some would say, “in her place”. This everyday black woman continued to push forward.

She travels to learn, travels to experience, travels with the hope of opening her mind, and broadening her horizons to have compassion and empathy for others. This everyday black woman is a published author, works full time, and helps run a business behind the scenes. This same woman has experienced heartache and pain, pain that hurt to the core. She never wavered. This woman roots for love every single time. She stays positive and keeps moving forward believing in herself and love.

This woman is a friend to many and loves on people with every piece of her inner being. If you want the truth this woman will give you that, but you must be ready to receive and you must know it’s done in love. This woman recently put her single life on hold to take care of her aging father. A father who suffers from dementia, glaucoma, and diabetes. She is now his full-time caregiver. All while fighting those forces that some choose to believe don’t exist.

This woman is me. I salute me today. I am black history. On this last day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH not only do I salute me, but I also salute all everyday black women who are putting in the work, never giving up, and persevering regardless. All while fighting the forces that push against us.

We are creating black history each day for those that come up behind us and see what we have accomplished. It lets other everyday black women know they can strive and succeed in today’s America.

Continue to push through the forces.


  1. I am so proud to honor you on this last day of black history month. You have been a great friend of mine since jr highschool and I have witnessed your growth to a super woman and still stay the same person I have grown to love and respect even more…so on this day please remember how dear you are to me.

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