Self-Care & Self-Love

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In 2020 I was very concerned with the pandemic, my health challenges, and the direction our country was headed in the political arena.  I was overwhelmed with whether my health and the health of my loved ones would survive the year.  I am very thankful we made it to 2021. My concerns continue; however, I am more hopeful. We have a new political regime making changes and many firsts. This year is off to a great start. I am excited to move forward and share my new book.

Throughout the journey of 2020, I heard so much about self-love, self-care, and the importance of the combination. Self-love and self-care are much more than giving oneself a slew of expensive material things.  Self-love and self-care are about knowing yourself, being honest with yourself, taking care of yourself from head to toe inside and out, mentally and physically, and making sure your internal foundation is strong.  Starting with a solid foundation and healthy self-esteem allows room to work on your personal growth.

There is a simplicity in administering self-love and self-care that I believe gets over overlooked. Some of the things in life that lend to self-love and self-care are as simple as taking time to just be still or just stand in the shower a few minutes longer to let the water wash away the unwanted. Simple as in having conversations with yourself and speaking positively to you about yourself. 

I put together a book of simple affirmations while dealing with this pandemic and the loss of the ability to use my right leg. I’ve leaned on these affirmations for many years but the book was birthed in 2020.   These affirmations helped me build through the death of my mother, dissolved marriage, parenting, work-life balance, unhealthy relationships, dating, and a slew of other life experiences. The affirmations are simple reminders to take care of yourself and love yourself. We must be responsible for our well-being and happiness.  If we are not loving and caring for ourselves, we cannot expect anyone else to nor can we properly love others.

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