Happy New Year

It is almost over. It is almost time to bid farewell to 2020. I truly cannot believe how fast this year has come and gone. Most of us have horrible stories to tell about this year, how the pandemic has destroyed our lives and the lives of so many. How the injustices have destroyed and terminated so many lives. I can still hear the echoes of the newscasters blurting the statistics. The harsh statistics. The overwhelming dreaded number of cases and deaths that are rising across the nation. My heart ached most of this year. All just too much.

As I waited with bated breath hoping the end of 2020 will bring an end to this absolutely insane time, I decided to create. What a time to create and distract my mind from the battlefield of this horrible pandemic. A pandemic that has kept most of us in fear of living life and enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures. A pandemic that will fade however a virus that may live among us forever. Yes, at this time I decided to create. I did what I believe is the one thing that keeps me together. The glue that holds my seemingly sane mind in place and keeps me from going insane. I write.

I wrote a new book, Affirmations Promoting Self-Care, and Self-Love. (Anticipated release date January 2021.) A book that has and will continue to develop and forge growth in me. A book that I want to share with the world hoping that it will do the same for others. These days we hear so much about self-care and self-love. I saw no simple practical how-to guide on how to administer these self-applications. No application guide that made sense to me. I’ve seen the, lavish yourself with expensive material things advice. Nice very nice and yes, I’ve tried, somehow that did not do it for me. It was not enough. After the newness wore off, I felt I was still in the same place. Some of the simple self-love applications get overlooked. I believe we think self-love and self-care have to be this grand gesture. It can be however it can be as simple as getting your proper rest. Sleep rejuvenates your soul, boosts your immune system, reduces stress, helps prevent weight gain, promotes a healthy heart, improves memory, reduces stress, and so much more. Simple go to sleep. That is self-care. Self-love can be as simple as looking in the mirror and shouting out loud or silently over and over again I LOVE YOU and mean it.

In caring for yourself and loving yourself you have to be willing, honest with yourself, and get to know yourself better. It requires you to dig down deep into your foundation to make repairs and or adjustments. Continuously grow. Build authenticity.

I wish the best for everyone in the upcoming year. I hope we all grow to be better humans loving ourselves and each other more in the year to come and the years to follow. Stay committed, vigilant, and focused. Please wear your mask and keep your distance the fight will continue in 2021. Be smart, stay safe, and healthy.

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