I attempted to write about this pandemic one hundred times.  I’d start a piece then reevaluate my decision.  Not today!  Everything I need internally is in place for me to introduce my spin on this dreadfully rachet hot mess of a virus.

I know it’s bad and will be for a while. I am saddened by the toll this pandemic has taken on us globally.  So many have lost their fight.  My heart aches for the many families left behind to pick up the pieces.  My heart aches for those that are still fighting to survive.  My heart aches for the essential workers that continue to put themselves in harm’s way to hopefully heal and protect others.  My heart aches for those who are not sick but have lost everything and are finding it hard to provide the bare essentials.

People state they are ready to go back to normal.  We will not be going back to what we knew as normal.  Normal will be redefined by this pandemic. COVID-19 is here to stay.  Our job as citizens and the unlucky recipients of this dreadful virus is to follow healthy living guidelines.  If it’s a mask that needs to be worn then, by all means, wear your mask.  If social distancing is the new normal then respect the distance.  I will be a mask-wearing in public chic, applying hand sanitizer after leaving a public place and before getting into my car.  My hand washing game is top-notch has always been.  I have committed to not touching face unless I have thoroughly washed my hands.  These are my choices and I find comfort in living with what I beleive are preventative measures.  Do what makes you comfortable as long as your comfort does not compromise someone else’s health and safety.  Be smart and give Corona the respect it demands. This virus is real.

What I will not do is focus on all negativity as it will eventually interrupt my sanity.  I am choosing to find balance and focus on the good in this pandemic.  There is plenty of good. Many of us were so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life we forgot how to be still, enjoy our family, and be thankful for the blessings we have.

I do not feel stuck at home.  My home is my sanctuary I love the home I created.  It’s a blessing to be at home.  I will continue working from home (WFH) with no complaints.  What a blessing it is to not experience traffic jams leaving my bedroom while entering my living room for work.  It’s a joy knowing to begin work at 9:00am I can set my alarm for 8:50am.  Saving on tolls and gas is a blessing. Since I am not commuting two hours a day I have more time to take energized walks.  I am up to 60 miles a month.  Clearly, that’s good for my heart and overall health. All of my meals are prepared at home. I am eating much better.  As a matter of fact, I managed to reduce my girth. My garden is beautiful.  My BBQ skills were always on point, now I have more time to enjoy the process.  I’m enjoying partying at Club Quarantine, sitting with my girls Jill and Erykah while they jam and speak positivity into the universe.  I loved the mash-up with my reggae people and couldn’t get enough of Alecia Keys and John Legend.  I finished writing my second book and have entered the editing phase. My oldest son is a sous chef, he lost both of his jobs and had no choice but to return home.  We have bonded on a different level and he has discovered some truths and is making changes that will propel him to the next level.

There is an abundance of positivity to focus on.  Change your thought process and most importantly turn the news off.  Read more.  Flooding your mind with the sensationalized snippets will keep you feeling hopeless.   We are not hopeless!







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