cool love cd f/b 26/9.2 (Page 1)At times this thing called love is so perplexing.  We are born to love.  Some don’t get the love they need in the early stages of life and that lack of love affects the way they love for a lifetime. I’ve learned from my own experiences and talking to so many people from all walks of life, that no two loves are the same.

Love takes time. Actually, it’s not the love that takes the time, it’s all the other things in between that takes the time. The number one attribute for great love is making yourself trustworthy. Then you have the three”C’s”, consideration, compassion, and compromise.  Learning to implement the three “C’s” in your relationship is necessary for a successful loving relationship.  Putting someone else’s needs before your own is difficult for so many.   We as a people are consumed with selfish instant gratification, which leaves no room to nurture a loving relationship.

Recently the term ‘relationship goals’ has become something of a social media phenomenon when looking at other relationships. I understand the concept.  Most basic, a relationship goal is an ideal, lesson, value or experience to aim for in your relationship.  The statement confuses me nonetheless especially since it is unknown what that couple went through to get to what’s projected publicly.

Love takes work from both parties equally. There is no magic pill.  You’ll have ups and downs trial and tribulations however if your foundation starts with the love of God and at the core you truly love each other complimented with committed your love will survive. Beauty is fleeting so be sure you look for more than the outward appearances. You need substance for longevity.

Build your own relationship goals!


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