it takes a village 4There is this saying that we’ve all heard time and time again.  The saying I believe, transcends every culture, race, and nationality.  That saying is, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”.  What does that mean? It takes a village for what?   Do we truly dwell as a village any longer?   The village seems synonymous with what is old-fashioned.  Back in a time when you knew your neighbors, could borrow a cup of sugar, and we genuinely cared for one another.  Unlike in today’s society where disconnecting from human interaction has swooped in and we are no longer connected.  For the most part, the interaction with your neighbor is a head nod or a smirk-ish smile.  Not much like a village at all.

Recently I witnessed and was part of a village in action.  It touched my heart.  There is this woman, an artist,  Terri Meredith that I follow.  She started telling a story about a young man named Fabian.  Terri provided details on how she and Fabian met.  He is a young man on the street, homeless and destitute.  She explained the look on his face was such a look of despair a look that was too intense for such a young man.  She had seen him on the same road for some time and offered what she could to assist in improving his situation.  Then they were separated.  I can’t recall how much time passed.  Finally, they were reunited.  Terri began posting stories on her timeline of Finding Fabian.  She records the joy they both had when they found each other. Her worries about never seeing him again and not knowing what became of Fabian disappeared.   The stories were raw,  bold, authentic, and refreshing.  They showed empathy and a woman who unconditionally loved another human being just because. Fabian came with his own gigantic suitcase of B.S. in addition to his homelessness and all that goes along with being homeless.

The timeline I speak of is no other than FB.  Not the place where you would expect to see such a heroic story.  Even better the followers began to spread love not just with cute little colorful hearts and words but with action.  THE VILLAGE began sending money, staples, gifts and offering up assistance for housing.   I don’t know what motivated the outpour of support, whether it was the writer of the stories or the thought that this young man could be our own friend, son, brother, or nephew and he is worth a second chance.  The village continued to lend support.  Terri kept the village abreast of what was raised and spent. She commended each contributor graciously.  You truly felt the gratitude.  There were days when we were on the edge of our seats because moving from homelessness doesn’t just happen.  There is work to put in and backsliding is inevitable.  The village stayed engaged and pressed forwarded as we had a young man to raise up off the streets through our communal love and support.  The gifts are gone the village did their part, now we set the young man free to fly.

When I hear the saying, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”, this story is the true essence of the meaning.  Are you part of a village? Who are you unselfishly assisting? Find someone with a need and love them just because.

We love you Fabian.

it takes a village 2

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