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imagesAs a young girl, my mother would tell me on a regular basis that I only needed a few good friends.  Friends that were loyal and committed to our friendship.  My mother would point out characteristics in my friends that she deemed questionable and explain in detail why she thought as such.  She would remind me often, “everyone does not have your best interest at heart.”  She insisted I learn early on how to differentiate between acquaintances and true friends.  In most cases I was clueless.   In time I grew to understand how important the lesson was. I am thankful she insisted I learn this valuable lesson. We must teach young girls this lesson very early.

The wisdom that was imparted to me resulted in my ability to nurture many friendships some of those friendships are twenty, thirty and forty years old and still building.  The foundation of these friendships is, of course, built on unconditional love.

I share this lesson to stress how important it is for women to build a circle of friends that are there for the good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly for the long the term.  We need those friends that will tell us the truth and let us know when we are out of line. Also to render support in our endeavors and push us to propel forward.  We need friends that are well versed in areas where we are not and vice versa.  Your circle should be full, not overloaded but full of people that will lift you up, hold you accountable making sure you are consistent with integrity displaying principles and morals that are in line with maturity and internal growth.   We also need that friend that will lend a shoulder for us to cry on when needed and listen to us without judgment.  Quality over quantity.

I implore women to take inventory not just of your friends but of self. To attract the kind of women you want in your circle you must be that kind of woman. As life changes so will your circle.  We always need to lift each other up. Push out the negative and usher in the positivity, spreading love always.





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