Hello, I am Traci J. Hinds, born Traci Jean Taylor on September 20, in Jamaica Queens, New York.  I  moved to Hempstead, Long Island in NY when I was five years old.  This is where I grew up.

I  have been writing poetry since I was about nine years old. I mostly write love poems. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with love. I have always dreamed of having my own love story to tell. As a little girl, I loved seeing and hearing love stories. I think I’m addicted to Love.

Love comes in many seasons, and it is different for each individual. My writing has been a hobby and a vehicle for me to express my inner thoughts and the deep emotions I have had along the way as I loved.   I believe people, regardless of cultural backgrounds, have very similar love experiences and maneuver through these experiences in kind.   This site is a vehicle for me to express publicly and hopefully through that expression open a line of communication.

Here you will find a poem that helped me verbalize pain and helped me release that pain to love again.  My hope is that the reader can relate to the pain and also feel relief from the pain and see happiness when it presents itself.  I want readers to know that love is always just around the corner you just have to believe.

I currently reside in South Florida, writing, enjoying life, and patiently waiting for love.


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